Is there such thing as a comfortable bra that can still be sexy AND give your boobs the lift almost all of us can use? That’s the question we asked that led us to the development of Perx.

We knew it was possible, so we set out to create the “perfect bra”. The bra you won’t want to take off when you get home – because you will forget you are wearing it! And yes, we all want to be comfortable, but at Perx we realize that feeling sexy and comfortable don’t have to be independent of each other.

The perfect bra has to be practical too, which is why all of our bras are made to look great under clothes, not just out of them! 

At Perx we wanted to do things the right way. That means our products will never be made in China. We are doing our small part. And we are happy to announce that we are currently in the process of moving all of our production into the United States.

Elevated Comfort

Our ComfortLift™ fabric hugs you in all the right places, offering a wire-free, natural lift with no added padding or bulk. 



Hello You!

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